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Once upon a time ...

...there was the Sun and, as you know very well, many years later the Sun is still there. But what would happen if the Sun is no longer there?

Poor old Sun needs to rest. He has to go on holiday. Who will replace him while he goes away? He knows he is all too important and he cannot abandon the world without leaving somebody to take over. He has been thinking hard and long ….. for hours and days …. until one fine evening in Autumn, the Sun met Nosy Star. Sun had a bright idea:

Sun: Good evening to you dear Nosy. How are you?
Nosy: Good evening to you too, oh mighty Sun. I am very well thank you, and you?
Sun: Oh, I'm very tired. I need to take a holiday. I am extremely tired and I cannot carry on with my job. I am weary of waking up very early every morning, travelling across the globe from one end of the world to the other. I have done this trip so many times that it has become boring and I need a break. I wonder whether you can help me.
Nosy: I am so sorry to hear your sad story. You definitely must be exhausted with all the constant travelling. But what are you expecting me to do? I am only a small, tiny star. I can never take your place. I do not feel I have enough energy or strength to do your work all by myself.
Sun: Ah, you're right. I hadn't thought of that. I am so used to doing all this work by myself that I didn't think you will need help. I wonder if you know of anyone who can help you?
Nosy: I have three friends who I'm sure will be ready to help me out any time. They are Bouncy, Brainy and Brighty. Maybe I could also find some brave children on earth who will be interested in helping us out.
Sun: That sounds like a marvellous idea! Why didn't I think of that earlier?!
Nosy: So, what is it that you actually do?
Sun: Oh there are so many jobs I deal with but …. oops, I'm running late. I really have to go now. You and your friends are so bright and intelligent that together you will be able to sort things out. You will have to share my duties amongst yourselves but I will leave that entirely up to you.


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