This CD contains the entire corpus of WWW postings made by children in classes participating in ECML project 1.3.3 - I.C.T. and Young Language Learners (popularly known as the Stars project!) - between October 2001 and May 2002.

The children's work is being reproduced in its original form without any editing whatsoever - there are references to pictures which the children never uploaded, spelling and grammatical mistakes, even dead links (so be warned)!


Project team


  • Mario CAMILLERI, Faculty of Education, University of Malta
  • Valerie SOLLARS, Faculty of Education, University of Malta


  • Teresa MARTINEZ DEL PINAL, Buenaventura Gonzáles Primary School, Bezana, Spain
  • Zoltán POÓR, University of Veszprem, Faculty of Teacher Training, Hungary
  • Helena LEJA, Teacher Training College, Rzeszów, Poland

Mario Camilleri
March 2003